Precise’s Counterfeit Drug Detection submission to the PHUSE/FDA has been accepted!

Precise’s Counterfeit Drug Detection submission to the PHUSE/FDA Data Science Innovation Challenge regarding Drug Safety Surveillance has been accepted!  Our team is invited to present the solution at the upcoming PHUSE CONNECT US on Monday & Tuesday, March 9-10, 2020 in Orlando, FL. 

PHUSE is an independent, not-for-profit organization run by volunteers. Since its inception, PHUSE has expanded from its roots as a conference for European statistical programmers to a global membership organization and platform for the discussion of topics encompassing the work of data managers, biostatisticians, statistical programmers and eClinical IT professionals.

Pharmacovigilance improves the safety of medicines by monitoring a product once it has been launched into the market. The aim is to collect, detect, assess, monitor, and prevent adverse effects to protect public health. Join others in this space to tackle questions such as: How can we better detect safety signals? How can we incorporate a bioinformatics approach to pharmacovigilance systems to enhance signal detection? How can we use science and technology to move the field forward? We are seeking creative innovators to use open data sources and advanced analytics and visualization techniques to advance post market safety surveillance of drug and biologic products. We are interested in novel ways to enhance adverse event analysis within and across products and product classes.

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