Our Performance Model

Our IT experts are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our IT experts are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We strive for excellence by applying our Precise Way to our Precise Agile delivery services.

We serve as a Connective Force between industry, government, and academia to deliver innovative and emerging solutions. It is with this performance model that our company differentiates itself from our competitors and offers uniquely valuable services, helping our customers achieve their mission.

The Precise Way

We focus not just on getting the work done, but on how the work gets done. Precise’s proprietary model for delivering superior services in a repeatable manner includes a set of 38 timeless principles and practices mappings to industry standards. This model serves as a guide for our employees and managers to deliver “5-star” performance.

We hire talented people, continuously stress and assess performance and communications principles, and promptly reward results. On each project, we implement a standard toolset and rigorously follow our CMMI Level 3 processes to deliver excellence.

Connective Force

Precise seeks to be a connective force between industry, government, and academia. We begin with our government customers, maintaining the highest standards of service delivery and customer service.


With academia, we serve as an incubator for new IT entrepreneurs, identifying potential student candidates to be the next generation of emerging small business owners and offering them support, guidance, and mentorship on a path to becoming successful IT service providers in their own right.

Within industry, we draw on synergistic partnerships to identify complementary talents and skill sets to deliver the most effective, innovative, and timely IT solutions to our customers.

Precise Agility

Precise’s Agile software development methodology features mature sprint practices, an effective user engagement model, and a proven application development automation framework.


The benefits of this methodology include constant alignment of business expectations, delivery of high quality business capabilities, and total transparency to our government customers.


This methodology has earned Precise a reputation for high quality service in helping development teams increase productivity, manage changing priorities, maintain consistently low defect rates, accelerate time to market, and reduce project risks.

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