To be a connective force between government, industry and academia in advancing our customers’ mission.



A connective force is one that brings people, entities, capabilities, and initiatives together to create possibility and opportunity. At the core of Precise’s culture is an intentional focus on being this kind of connective force.


We begin by bringing this focus to our government customers, maintaining the highest standards of service delivery and customer service. But we don’t just deliver on our contract requirements. We seek to connect with and understand our customers and their needs. We not only work to respond to the challenges our customers present to us, but also seek to identify issues and risks they might not yet have recognized and introduce solutions that anticipate and prevent future challenges to their operations. Being a connective force means going beyond reactive services that meet basic contract requirements and bringing a deeper understanding of our customers and their mission as a means of delivering meaningful, innovative solutions.


Being a connective force represents a foundational element of our business development efforts. Precise’s emergence and unprecedented growth as a company has grown out of our ability to nurture and grow customer relationships. The force of our customer connections, a product of consistent excellence in our customer service and service delivery, has led to ever expanding contacts and opportunities to make greater contributions to the organizations we work with.


We serve as a connective force within our industry. We seek out partnerships to identify complementary talents and skill sets to deliver the most effective, innovative, and timely IT solutions to our customers.


We are very intentional about bringing academia into our connective force. We serve as a promoter and incubator for emerging IT expertise and potential IT entrepreneurs. We invite the best and brightest students from around the country to serve as interns and to work on bleeding edge innovative projects within the Precise Innovation Team. These connections with the next generation of IT innovators helps keep the company current with the most exciting developments coming out of academia, and offers experience, professional development, and a potential career path for young professionals entering the job market.  We also seek out potential student candidates to be the next generation of emerging small business owners and offer them support, guidance, and mentorship on a path to becoming successful IT service providers in their own right.

What makes Precise’s vision of a connective force possible and ultimately successful in all these areas is the fact that we make connection an intentional practice and a foundation of our company culture. Trusted and transparent employee engagement is a cornerstone of the culture. We regularly ask ourselves what kind of culture we want to experience, what gaps may exist between our current and desired state, and how to address those gaps. We invest in monthly Culture Framework discussion series and an annual Emerging Leaders program based on the concept that we are all leaders, all connected, and all have a responsibility for creating the culture we hope to experience, and for extending that connected culture to our customers and partners.  


It is with this concept of being a connective force and our overall performance model that our company differentiates itself from our competitors and offers uniquely valuable services, helping our customers achieve their mission.

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